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My dream since childhood was to be an actress, so you can imagine how thrilled I was when I was accepted into the High School of Performing Arts. It was the greatest day of my young life.

In college, my dreams of a career as an actress didn't fade, although I did toy with other career possibilities, but they never lingered long. I spent my junior year in Madrid, Spain, an amazing experience.

After college, I worked as an actress and I was able to join the unions, SAG, AEA and AFTRA (3 professional actor’s unions). During slow periods, I did many odd jobs. I fell in love with an amazing man and we've been happily married ever since.

 Some work I am especially fond of is recording work that I did with the late, great, Joe Raposo (composer of wonderful music, including some music for Sesame Street and TV theme songs). Joe was married to Pat Collins (a former entertainment editor on UPN News). Joe & Pat had a company that produced CD's of spoken language and music. With Joe & Pat's Company, MPI, I performed on lots of comic book recordings, i.e.: Superman, Batman, Archie, Spiderman and many others. We also did recordings for children, both in spoken language (fairy tales) and in song (lullabyes).

Recently I had a fun shoot playing the role of a mean Mom in the horror thriller, THE FETUS, directed by Joe Lam. Another role I enjoyed performing was Miss Plimack, Winona Ryder's Social Worker in the film, GIRL, INTERRUPTED, directed by Jim Mangold.  It was a fun shoot and wonderful to work with Winona Ryder and Vanessa Redgrave. I've enjoyed performing in all the films I've done and look forward to the next one.

Some of my favorite stage roles were, "Lisa" in the comedy-drama, "Stop Time"..... "Miriam" in the comedy-drama, "Shivah" newly entitled, "The Perfect Eggcream" and "Aida" in "Over The River And Through The Woods" -- another comedy-drama. They are all great plays and wonderful roles that I adored doing. "Over The River And Through The Woods" was such a successful production that we were asked to reprise our roles two more times during two subsequent seasons.

On Television, I played a 1970's Alabama Nazi in Amazon Prime's, Hunters (Season 1 Episode 5), Marcia Clark (OJ Simpsons Prosecutor) on a Fox TV News program, "A Current Affair." I had several roles on Soap Operas. On "The Guiding Light", I played the role of a Spanish nurse/nun at a convent run hospital and I spoke in both Spanish & English. On "One Life To Live," I also played a nurse (an ICU nurse) and a few years later I played Mrs. Downey, a christmas shopper. On "All My Children" I played Lila, the Diner waitress with Susanne Lucci and Nicholas Costas. I played other interesting roles... as a rape victim for Fox TV's "New York's Most Wanted," the Mother of a peeping Tom victim on "The Maury Povich Show," the Voice of Annie Oakley on "The American Experience (Annie Oakley), and many more.

Commercially, I did a national diet coke commercial, a commercial and Verizon commercials. I also worked on many Business Industrials for such companies as Merck, Pfizer & Arrow Electonics, among others.

 My roles have been varied from the super bitchy Miram in "Shivah," to the kooky and adorable Andora in "The Burrower" to the sweet crazy woman, Pricilla in "One Mad Night," to the adorable and bossy cook, Aida in "Over The River And Through The Woods," to the prim and proper, conscientious social worker in the film, "Girl, Interrupted." I loved doing each and every character and enjoyed the variety.



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